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HMI Plant
HMI Plant

inside the HMI Plant
Inside the Facility

Welcome to Pratt & Whitney – HMI Metal Powders

GOLD Site – April 2014                      VPP Recertified – April 2014

Pratt & Whitney – HMI Metal Powders is a world leader in the manufacture of nickel base structural superalloy powder and provides all of the powder superalloy used in today’s commercial, military and space engines, such as the F22 and Joint Strike Fighter, for its parent company, Pratt & Whitney.  HMI also provides a service-focused resource for thermal spray alloy powders, delivering affordable solutions that conform to precise specifications with repeatability and total quality assurance.

HMI is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best performing superalloys and other metal powders for structural and thermal spray applications. HMI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation and is the principal supplier of superalloy powder and billet to Pratt & Whitney.


Happy 50th Anniversary
1965 – 2015

In 1965, HMI was but an idea and a dream in the imagination and heart of inventor Joe Wentzell.  Would Mr. Wentzell have ever guessed in those early days that 50 years later, not only would his invention and process become wildly successful but an invaluable and priceless key to the success of a well-known company, Pratt and Whitney, and industry giant, UTC. 

HMI has come a long way since the beginnings of development in the process for making superalloy powder.  Joe Wentzell started the operation in a Chadwicks, NY warehouse, then moved to a facility in Herkimer, NY and since 1980, HMI is located in a 5 story renovated knitting mill in Clayville, NY. HMI was sold to United Technologies Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1980 and is a unit of Pratt and Whitney Company in East Hartford, CT. 

Joe Wentzell

A true success story and the rest is history as Pratt & Whitney celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2015 and HMI proudly celebrates its 50th.


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