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Ask The Experts At HMI

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Q: Can HMI produce powder metallurgy billet products?

A: Yes. We possess the capability and the expertise to supply your need for powder metallurgy billet products. Our can fabrication and filling facilities routinely produce custom consolidations by either hot isotactic pressing or extrusion. These parts are decanned and machined to final dimensions in our machine shop.

Q: Does HMI provide product certification?

A: Yes. We are able to provide final product certification routinely through our analytical laboratory.

Q: What types of materials analysis does HMI's lab offer?

A: Our chemical analytical capabilities include quantitative spectroscopy, residual gas analysis, and carbon and sulfur level determination. Physical analytical capabilities include ultra-sonic inspection, metallographic inspection, particle size distribution analysis, and optical and electron microscopy. 
HMI is a Pratt & Whitney LCS Certified Laboratory. 

Q: What assurances can HMI give of total powder cleanliness and product quality?

A: At HMI, we know that our powder has to be the best to meet today's demanding requirements. That's why constant attention is given to product quality, with rigid control over every phase of our operation. To ensure total product quality, we maintain the strictest standards of powder cleanliness in all powder handling areas. (See Clean Room Quality section.)

Q: Is it possible to tour HMI's facilities to get a better understanding of your capabilities?

A: We invite you to visit our facility. To arrange a tour, contact us today.

Need more info? Click here to ask your question.