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Production Unit

Vacuum Inert Gas Atomization Production Unit.

HMI's atomization process equipment consists of two vertical chambers connected with a transfer tube, a lower vacuum induction melting section, and a large, upper powder collection tank. Before atomization, the melt chamber is pressurized with inert gas and the atomization tower is evacuated. Once alloy atomization is initiated, the metal rises through the proprietary two-stage Argon gas atomization system, into the constant vacuum atomization tower. The resultant powder is removed with dedicated handling equipment and processed according to each customer’s requirement.

The powder produced by the vacuum atomization process is spherical powder. With process adjustments, the powder can be made very fine or relatively coarse.  HMI however, can consistently atomize a significant percentage of powder less than 325 mesh (44 microns).  HMI provides products below 100 mesh (150 microns) range, however can with products as small as 5 microns.  All material, when required, can be processed in inert gas thereby maintaining the powder quality.